Friday, January 25, 2013


Today's music selection:

So I’m sitting at my computer and I read this quote: “Such wonderful things surround you.” So I look around, and there’s a phone, and some books, some paint and a camera, sewing materials and a pot of flowers struggling to survive – and I think… “Yeah. That is pretty wonderful.” 

Almost as wonderful as a toddler in a tiara.


Happy Friday Folks.

Monday, January 21, 2013


Musing #1: What's better than having pancakes and pumpkin pie for breakfast?

Pretty much everything. Cause that combo is actually pretty gross. But I did get to have a lovely hour long phone call with the illustrious Kay Shaeffer today! I'd say that was much more fun than having the lingering taste of pancake flavored whipping cream in your mouth (I probably should have waited at least a half hour before eating the pie...)

Musing #2: This song -

Musing #3: Car commercials.
I mean your car as 'innovative' as you claim? These stupid car slogans always say they're 'original' and 'one of a kind': "Never Follow." - Audi "There's No Substitute." - Porsche "Unlike Any Other." -Mercedes Benz...But really, even if they have some cool feature that somehow makes this particular model 'faster' than the last (which is pointless, cause really, when are you going to go over 80?) would it really be too much to ask for something a little more...original? Like, how about a car not shaped like a box? What about one shaped like a dinosaur?
Cause to me they always look exactly the same in each commercial. 4 wheels. A steering wheel. Some windows. Cool computer effects that make the car magically fly...But what about really flying?! Where's my flying car of the future? And what about jet packs?
And time travel?
Come on future!
Start acting more....FUTUREY!

Musing #4: This -

Cause I'm still laughing.

Musing #5: Classic Film.
But seriously. I've been watching so many...Not that that's strange behavior - I pretty much never watch anything else - but I've been on a roll. Made it through some fun Danny Kaye films yesterday with the family (TMC was celebrating his 100th). Knitted a scarf and a half too.
Give me bifocals and some cats and I'd be a pretty convincing grandma.

Musing #6: "Art has never been made while thinking of art." Niko Stumpo.

Musing #7: I think someday I will have twins and I will name them Walter and Lily. And for Halloween I will dress them up as Hobbits and eat all of their cookies and cream chocolate bars.

Musing #8: We are too dependent on search engines.
I want to have a giant library filled with encyclopedias and thesauruses and all reference material of every kind (as well as all the classic literature out there... 'Ivanhoe', 'To Kill a Mockingbird', 'Go Away Big Green Monster'...) because someday the internet is going to fail me.
And when it does, I want Walter and Lily to know how to read a book.

Musing #9: This -

Musing #10:  And this -