Monday, July 30, 2012

I never exercise. Unless sleeping counts.

My mother used the expression "stop and think" today. It made me wonder; why must we always 'stop'? Can't we 'start' and think? How about 'go' and think? Must we always be motionless? Does the process of really thinking honestly require so much concentration that we can't move while we do it? What if we were all to 'jump' and think? I think a nice game of hop-scotch might help me understand organic chemistry, or the plot of the Labyrinth, or maybe it will open up my mind to the very core of existentialism. Then I can ponder all kinds of things, like 'what came first, the omelet or the deviled egg?' or 'where do skittles come from?' or even what 'existentialism' itself can possibly mean: I mean come on! Just google the thing, or read the Wikipedia definition for crying out loud. The wordiness alone will make you more confused than vegan in a slaughter house, or my grandma's basement. And while we're on it, what's with words like 'hop-scotch' and 'egg'? Was some guy just like 'Oh! What's this white thing that just came out that chickens butt?' and then some other guy like 'Oh. Egg.' Or maybe he said 'eh' as in 'how should I know you moron?!' and it just came out funny...
Of course at this point I realized that my mother had gone on speaking for about a minute while I sat there pensively evaluating her off-hand, un-thought provoked statement.
For those still stuck in their own thoughts...Yes. We must 'stop'.
Besides, all I think about when playing hop-scotch is which number to hop, and if doing so counts as my daily exercise.

In other news Britain was jipped of a silver medal today: By a faulty Japanese handstand, later deemed acceptable by the courts. Of course I can't do a handstand in any way shape or form, so it'd probably be wise not to judge...but that's not the point of a blog. The point is to vent, and I like British people, especially British - 


Oh, and I saw Michelle today! That was fun.
She makes me laugh.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Baptisez-moi!" dit le pingouin...

I've had an increasing desire to learn French recently. Every day it's something new - a random line in a show, a phrase in a I listened to three full soundtracks via Pandora entirely in French. Didn't understand a single word that was sung, and yet I couldn't stop listening. I just can't shake the feeling that I'll need to learn this language someday.

In other news, I had a dream that I was called to the Antarctica mission the other day. My companion and I had a very exciting discussion with a family of penguins, and were even able to commit two of them to baptism after the very first discussion! Of course, that may have been just  because they enjoy swimming so much, or because I had gone to the zoo the day before, or because it was 2 in the morning and I was dreaming about penguins because I happen to like penguins...or maybe it was the snickers I ate before bed...who knows?
Well, Jesus, but I'm thinking that's a prayer he could do without.

At least the penguins weren't speaking French...