Monday, December 3, 2012

Supper Time, Dreams and Paranoia...

One of the blessings of a getting a mission call is the assurance you have of receiving continual mail. Last week (or was it two weeks ago? I'm loosing track of time) I received a letter from none other than my totally awesome (who I can't wait to meet) mission president!
And it wasn't just any letter.
It was a jam PACKED letter!
Like 12 pages.
With really cool stamps.

See? ^ 

Anywho, in this letter was a whole slew of things I need to be working on before I leave for the MTC - shots to get, clothes to buy, lessons to read, videos to watch, visas to apply for, etc. etc...but apart from the necessities there was also a list of suggested things to work of which was COOKING!

Any of you who have ever been to my house, or been one of my roommates, know that I love to cook. I've been known to walk out of the house completely forgetting I still have an apron on.

In reality though, I am also rather horrible at cooking, so I tend to pick really simply items to make, and just go crazy on the spices, so no one will be any the wiser.

This past week I made some simple items: BBQ chicken pizza, breakfast burritos, taco salad, chicken parmesan...

Okay - so the chicken parmesan was not simple. But as my dear friend Carole can no doubt tell you (since she helped me make it) - I was a mess in the kitchen! If she hadn't shown up I probably would have butchered it.

Anywatsit, I decided that this week I'm going to go all out and try my hand at some German cuisine! So if any of you foodites have a suggested meal to try - let me know! Because so far my foodgawker searches have come up a bit dry...

Cooking aside - it was also suggested that I work on what I'd like to call 'the basic skills of survival'; things such as cleaning, organization, first-aid, superhero awesomeness, nunchuck skills, Kung Fu fighting...HUH!
Okay, so maybe not those last few...but still. I have a lot of work to do.

There are not that many things that I can mark off in the survival skill department.
Though I might be okay in the superhero awesomeness category.
I've got superhero talking at least.
I've always been adept at the monologue (though maybe that's more of a villainous quality), and ever since I got my new watch I swear I have super sonic hearing too. It doesn't matter if I have the thing right next to my ear, or ten miles away, I can hear it ticking as if someone was pounding an anvil to my head.

But maybe that's just what you get from buying a watch on clearance.

And maybe it's not superhero skills I've adapted, but a bit of a paranoia when it comes to sound.

I hate my mindless babble (one reason I started a blog - so I could mindlessly write instead), and the ticking sound of my watch drives me crazy when there's no other sound to drown it out.
I also hate the sound of people chewing their food.
I always keep the flow of conversation going at the dinner table, so I don't have to hear it. It's absurd how much it annoys me - I'll even leave the room if it's just me and one other person, because the sound of their chewing makes me want to hear the anvils again.

These are things I'm not proud of, so I'm working on overcoming them. That's why we've got weakness, right?

This past week or so I've discovered a few other things I'm terrible at as well: Things like sewing, and picking out cute missionary-approved outfits (again, basic survival skills).

But I'm not going to let those things defeat me!
I recently spent a generous amount of time at the Hilton's homestead working on my sewing (though I won't go into particulars, as it was a Christmas present that I was practicing on), and while I may still have a somewhat fractured sense of style, I have started dreaming about clothes.
All the time.

Like...I can't stop.

The only thing I dream about more than clothes right now is weddings, babies and future trips around the world. And even the most common of those are about wedding clothes, babies in clothes, and future trips around the world in clothes...(it'd be kind of creepy if I weren't in clothes...)

Seriously though, can I be any more of a girl?

Though one of my latest dreams about travel involved a rather unorthodox airport station in which I had to make my way through a highly intricate obstacle course with some mad ninja skills in order to make it to my flight on time. And the plane itself kind of resembled those half finished ones that are in those EDS commercials...

I've also learned how to knit recently! 

(note the parenting magazine? Just another reason for the babies in clothes dreams...)

Carole came over and taught me how to do it while we watched some Sherlock.
Cause nothing makes you more self conscious about your skill level then seeing Sherlock and Watson solve crime.

Speaking of beautiful men - Martin Freeman and The Hobbit part 1!

I was so excited for this, I actually watched the live stream for the red carpet event online. I've only done this once before - for The Hunger Games premiere.
BOTH times there was only one person I really wanted to see, and BOTH times I missed that person because of a bathroom run.
Soon I'll be developing a red carpet/bathroom paranoia too.

Anywho, the stream was super fun to watch, but other than it suddenly making me realize how hairy my feet are (though by no means on the scale of a Hobbits), it mostly just made me wish I lived in Wellington.

I probably should have ended this post a long time I'll do it now.


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