Thursday, December 6, 2012

To all the Hesstons, Axels and Pajenis in the world...I'm sorry.

No matter how bad a week can get - I can always take comfort in the fact that my name is not Gracelynn.

Price, Utah, where my dad grew up, is a delightful little town, and I love spending time with family there...But there are a few things that are just downright ridiculous about this place - namely their local town newspaper.
The Sun Advocate, with its big headliners of "Squirrel Electrocuted!", "Traffic Light Installed in Wellington!" and "Creekview 5th Grader wins Scooter with Helmet!", is quite famous in our household. My dad gets it sent to him in the mail, and we spend many an hour laughing over its 'deep news' articles.

As fun as it is to read that "a lone squirrel single-handedly paralyzed Wellington Monday by knocking out power across town...not much of the squirrel left to identify" or that little Kendra Woods is being commended for "walking safely to school", above all our favorite to read is the birth announcement section.

Oh these poor children...

Apparently it's the norm in Price to name your child after both parents (probably what happened to poor Tylee there...), so my parents always joked that if they had a girl they could name her Mattilyn (for Matt+Marilyn), but thankfully, when the time came and I showed up, they chose to leave out the extra t's, and I was saved from the ridicule that these poor children will doubtlessly receive over the coming years.

Or maybe, growing up where they are, we should be more concerned for the Emma's and Luke's...
Seems they're the odd ones out in Price.

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